About US

Envoy is a software platform coupled with lateral thinking team passionate about solving business challenges using the power of technology and innovation. Our decade long experience in working with global clients across US, UK, Middle East, and Indian sub-continent has made us understand enterprise challenges in this rapidly changing environment.

Having supported the largest infrastructure company in the UK to Government in the Middle East has earned us client trust and accolades. From building an enterprise resource platform to delivering citizen services over mobile platforms we have taken initiative to introduce new technology to our clients that are usable and scalable over a period of time.

Our single-minded focus is on solving business challenges that our client faces. Our innovation is driven to build an efficient process and systems for our client.

Our Vision

Act as a catalyst for the next stage business transformation of the enterprise using cutting edge technology and innovation.

Our Mission

Envoy Business Suite is built with a mission to support enterprises in transforming their business digitally.

Envoy Business Suite follows ADOPT philosophy to achieve its mission

A-Accessibility (Access Business from anywhere, anytime.)
D-Digitally Driven (Leverage digital platforms, technology, devices)
O-Online (Online, On Cloud for secure and scalable growth)
P-Precise Reporting (Precise and fast reporting to aid decision making)
T-Team (Efficient collaboration among various teams)

Why Envoy Business Suite?


Business needs to transform to stay relevant. Customers, Businesses, and World are getting digital and thus business needs to embrace “Digital Transformation”. In this rapidly changing business environment Enterprises need to accelerate their processes, activities and models that make use of opportunities that Digital technology is providing.

 Customer buying behavior is changing fast and getting digital. They are seeking convenience and comfort while accessing any products and services.

We at Envoy believe this is a great market opportunity that businesses should leverage to access new markets, launch products & services in short time, create operational efficiency, build collaborative and happy teams and lot more.

Envoy Business Suite is built towards realizing “Digital Business Transformation” for our clients.

Office Infrastructure




Our Team Comprises of Functional and Technical Experts in Enterprises Resource Planning, Mobility and Custom Development for Enterprise clients. More than 45+ Team members we are always geared up to deliver on or before time. Team with exposure to global Infrastructure companies, governments, and mobile platforms servicing millions of users have developed best practices in business process and IT services delivery.


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